Client: PepsiCo Lays, Europe

Business Objective: Increase penetration and frequency of consumption by attracting consumers with relevant always-on communication.

Comms Objective: Drive emotional connection and improve Lay’s association with watching occasions, across digital and social.



With people sending more time at home, especially in front of Netflix, people want to be deliciously distracted and transported out of the day-to-day, into the ‘other world’ of their chosen show or movie.

Product Benefits:

Household name, hard to resist and a crowd pleaser, making it an easy choice for any watching occasion, whether it be solo or shared with family & friends.

Creative Exploration:

Communicating the enriched experience watching with Lay’s can offer, with high impact, visually-dynamic creative, evoking that cinematic feeling and grabbing the viewers attention from the off.

Making Lay’s and watching occasions synonymous, with executions such as:

— Coming Soon - recreating classic movie poster styles to directly associate Lay’s with the movie watching world.

— Opening Titles - pairing the product with instantly recognisable visuals from well-known films, to resonate with film lovers.

— What to pick next? juxtaposing the variety of Lay’s flavours available with different movies genres to tap into the element of choice and personalisation, using a Netflix-esque scrolling screen.

Platforms & Placements: YouTube Bumpers, IG Stories, FB In-Feed.

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