Creative Content Manager, Argos x The&Partnership, AllTogetherNow

Campaign: Argos 80 Days of Summer

Awards: Cannes Gold and Silver Lions (Media Use Creative Excellence / Data Driven Creative), Campaign Big Awards - Gold Winner.

Responsibilities: Social Media Planning, Content Management, Editing and Managing Junior Copywriters.

This was a tour de force campaign between The&Partnership agencies: CHI, AllTogetherNow and m/SIX.

Combining a great creative idea with clever use of media, it was the the world’s first campaign to feature a unique, date-stamped advert every day for 10 consecutive weeks and use data-driven product selection to ensure each ad featured products most likely to be popular that day.

From Wimbledon to the weather, we leveraged relevant and topical creative to keep the message ‘Want it today, Get it today’ relevant throughout the campaign.

As the Creative Content Manager at AllTogetherNow, I was responsible for producing all the social content for each of the 80 ads throughout this dynamic campaign.

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